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Sunscreens with Ziplock

Euroll Caribbean’s is one of the very best sunscreens you can find. Made for all types of windows, resistant to all weather conditions and a sunscreen that hangs tightly in front of your window, even when the wind is strong!


The screens are also specially designed for large windows. With a slightly higher cassette, the screen fabric made in one piece.


The sleekly designed cassette can be executed in a half round or square version. With a maximum width of 5000 mm almost any window can be fitted with these quality sunscreens.


And with its height of no less than 6000 mm, literally no window is too high.


Made of maintenance-free aluminum and can be finished in any desired RAL color. The windproof zipper guides are suitable for any type of mounting

The strongest fibers are also used for the fabric of the sunscreen. For example, the screen fabric is made from a polyester or glass fiber with the unique property that the view to the outside is preserved. Of course, you determine the color yourself.

Delivered as standard with electrical control

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