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Transparent shutters

There are many types, sizes and designs of transparant shutters, Euroll is the producer of the most simple shutters, to shutters that can withstand the toughest violence.

The transparent EUSEC SOLO shutter blades are used with a crystal clear  desirable look. Often this type of shutter is used as the only closure of a store. The transparent shutter blades are available in two versions of the EUSEC SOLO 5, and for the larger dimensions, the EUSEC SOLO 6 is ideally suited to close the property. Regardless of the type, the crystal clear polycarbonate is available in 2 grades, in the standard version which can be used in closed malls where the chances of graffiti are hardly present and the version features a scratch-resistant coating that easily removes graffiti without The surface is affected. By default, the aluminum profiles are technically styled anodized, but are also available in any desired RAL color.
Euroll Service is the only European transparent rocker manufacturer for the Miami Dade Hurricane approval and the Florida State wide approval. In this case, the shutter will undergo the toughest tests to withstand hurricane forces.

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