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Roller shutters, Roller shutters for vending machines, railings and fences, Work floor VanderLande luggage system, Hydraulic conductor system and Maintenance by Euroll Service.

Customized Euroll has been written on its own, so Euroll is often enabled to supply and install deviating products such as fence around condensers on a parking deck or fencing along the track.
In situations where multiple shutters are mounted side by side and the full width of the opening must be available, the middle conductors are often removed. This system has the disadvantage that it is awkward and heavy and in practice it turns out that too often a lot of trouble occurs which causes malfunctions. Euroll has resolved by turning the guides 90 degrees, using a stand-alone hydraulic system, with a simple push of the button, the shutters are first opened and the guide then turns 90 degrees in the horizontal position. Upon closing, the guide will be brought into the vertical position before the shutters can close. Pricing is a very interesting product as compared to removable conductors.
Smokers in supermarkets are usually the target of a targeted burglary, in just a few minutes, the existing aluminum shutter is forced and the smoking closet is emptied with all the consequences.
Especially for the smokers' cabinets of various supermarkets, Euroll has designed an additional facility by means of a burglar-resistant galvanized steel shutter. This is mounted in the existing situation on the smoking box. Because no situation is the same, we look at the correct solution and custom made a shutter.
For the older type of smoking wardrobes, a complete steel cabinet is built around Euroll.

Since parking garage vending machines are regularly the target of burglars because of the contortion present in the vending machine, Euroll has designed a special bunker built around the existing vending machine at the request of the vendor. The shutter operation takes place remotely from the central control room.

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